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Default Call forwarding


Im still not understanding & getting call forwarding to work. I have checked many of the old post, many people have problem understanding and getting call forward to work.

Can Martin or any one else try to explain the call forwarding function more in details ? no one has taken the time.........

I have registered my voipprovider to voxalot so all of them are registered, what i want it to do now is to do a callforwading........ When i call my regular voip provider number the voxalot ata calls, but when im not home i want it to do a call forwarding to my cell phone.

What is the use of call forwarding if it does not work ? Is it only me ? Tried for couple of months still havent got it to work.

Tried with a registered ata with voxalot, tried it without a registered ata, then all calls goes to voicemail instead of call forwarding.

The call forward guide is not so good for me to understand, i dont know pennytel system ? Im more use to Betamax provider, sipgate, voxalot,, and so on.
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