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Make certain that each time the PAP2 is powered on it is assigned to the LAN IP address to which you forwarded the ports, otherwise those ports will not be forwarded to the PAP2.

I see that your router, the WAG325N, is a combination of a DSL modem and a WiFi router. It has some security firewall features which may be dropping SIP packets. When the PAP2 is trying to register, by default it will send 11 SIP registration packets every 62 seconds. These frequent packets may be causing the router's firewall to block the SIP port. To send exactly one SIP registration request packet every 60 seconds, try the following settings:

SIP T1: 60
SIP T2: 64

SIP Timer F: 64
Reg Retry Intvl: 56

If that doesn't solve the problem then you should try disabling the security firewall in your router.

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