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Try this first....

-Register your ATA with VoXalot (make sure your ATA registration with MyDivert is off)
-Under the screenshots above there's a field called Custom SIP... in there enter (replace 123456 with your actual 6digit VoXalot number).
-Save the settings
-Call your MyDivert number (preferrably from a regular landline or cellphone), does your ATA registered with VoXalot ring...

If the above works, you won't need a Premium acct. to receive your MyDivert calls after all ...

The next step is to use the SIP rgeistration details from screenshot 2 to setup MyDivert as a provider in your Free VoXBasic acct, and see that outgoing calls work fine ... (in VoXalot set SIP Registration to No...)

BTW, If you have time, one other screen that would help to see is what appears under the Call Forwarding Tab at MyDivert

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