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Originally Posted by 137383 View Post
1) Anyone have a DID number working with registering the sip account or using callforward?

i was try register with mysipswitch and it do not work.

2) Can i register two times the account in my ata (my ata has two RJ11 ports)?

3) how i can test the inbound ring of the i don't have a phone number to test.

4) Where can i apply for a 15 days trial period with a voxalot upgrade?


1. Does provide you with the SIP Info, and most importantly have you tested if it works directly with an ATA device? (The fact that it did not work at MSS is concerning). Also does MyDivert offer to forward to SIP URI or only phone numbers?

2. You can setup your VoXalot acct. twice in the ATA, the question is why would you (unless you've got a specific setup it seems any case if you have a chance exapand on what you're trying to achieve by registering twice)

3. To test incoming calls to VoXalot do the following:
-Call any of these numbers (pick one local to you or whatever is easiest for you to call): SIPBroker - PSTN Numbers
-When prompted by SipBroker enter *010-123456 (instead of 123456 you'll actually need to enter your 6 digit VoXalot number)

4. Unfortunately no trial accounts are offered...
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