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Although I do not advertise it, I am a Betamax reseller based in Portland, Oregon USA. I can sell both vouchers and direct account credits.

Betamax changes their policies and their rates depending on which way the wind blows and how many stolen credit cards they take in. I assume this is to limit their losses. I have been selling for 2 years and I have been a user for 5. I have noticed that the call quality has gotten much better than when I started with them as they now have local access in the United States. (when I call a US number to US number I get an XO communications number)

Based on my ability to verify the authenticy of purchases, I have limited myself to sell credits only US based clients. Since you do not have the location filled out in your profile I do not know if I can sell you credits, but I can see what I can do about helping you with your account.

I do know that I have had issues in the past crediting certain accounts and in the end just had the client create new accounts.

Also the country that you creaqte the account in and also have listed in your profile when you sign up also can create issues if you decide to change later.

Feel free to send me a PM here or using the Betamax client if I am online. My username there is kieranmullen there too.
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