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Default Dial plan and various problems

Maybe someone is working with the server or the server is upgrading... I registered new accounts with Voxalot and in the past two days there were various problems. e.g. the echo test had no problem, however, only one party can hear the other, the other party cannot hear anything. Or the softphone got the message "waiting for acknowledgement" and eventually disconnects. And the dial plan sometimes does not work. I've noticed that problems occured when the call routed through dial plan, e.g. _xxxxxx through voxalot, or ${EXTEN:ReplaceAll}SomeID through SomeProvider. If I dial something directly like *010xxxxxx or, there were no problems.

Now most of the problems disappeared, but there are still two problems remain. 1st, for any call through dial plan, the callee will get disconnected at about 30 seconds. 2nd, the dial plan cannot be changed. You can still change dial plans in your account from the web site, however, the changes are not actually committed to your account though the web site shows the new dial plan. Maybe someone working with the server found problems with dial plan and freezed account dial plan change, or maybe it is just my account that got problem. Spent too much time to figure it out.
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