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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
You are correct for that part....

The SipBroker access number you are using, does it seem to work fine when you call your VoXPremium acct?
Yes, I had tested that and it was fine.

I would do a reset on that incoming VoXalot trunk anyway (you know: click on Trunk, Save Settings, Confirm Changes by clicking red bar procedure)....If that doesn't seem to do anything turn the trunk to just outbound calls, then re-register it for both incoming and outgoing
In fact since posting my last message, I noticed that there was only one Voxalot trunk showing under the status tab ( So I changed one of the two to and saw both appear. Then I changed it back and - voilą - the trunk started to work!

BTW, the host you are using for voxalot there is of the form (xx= us or eu or au) not just right (since has been removed as a valid registrar adress)
Yes, see above.

Calls now appear in Call Monitor, but now my problem is at the end of the call setup sequence. I get dialtone but when I dial out, there is no ringtone, then dialtone reappears. I think it might be a dialplan problem. . .

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