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Just before the temp solution I suggest you to:

1. Forward your DID to <voxalot user> (no us.voxalot)
2. be sure that the cluster you are registering your ATA to (eu, us, au) is the same that your voxalot account is set to (see in "My account")
3. put at least 20 in the "Ring duration" under "My account"
4. if you have in the same network in India more than 1 ATA OR your ATA is registered to voxalot and also to other provider OR you run a softphone in a PC, be sure that only 1 of them is registered to voxalot AND each one is using different ports for registration (5060, 5061, 5062 and so on).

Try this way if it does not work come back an then I can explain in more detail how to set the temp solution.

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