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Hi there,

First of all thanks for the reply. I went through the link you provided and it talks about PBXes and I am kind of confused here. What I have is an SPA 3102 registered directly with I have 3 providers attached to my Voxalot account with different dial plans. Also I bought a DID from LES.Net and forwarded to And this SPA 3102 is in INDIA and connected using a ADSL connection. I do have remote login to this SPA 3102 and a DynDNS name.

What happens now is My dad from INDIA can call me in to my cell and any other number from there and call is going through fine and call quality is also good. But when I tried calling him using the DID's (which is forwared to voxalot id registered with SPA 3102) it is going directly to VM.

My question here is again after reading the link you send across, how can I set an extention and then forward my DID. In LES.Net web site, what I can do is forward the calls to a sip URI.

Can you please help me in understanding the temp solution you provided? I am ready to experiment as well?
Also note that, the DID was working fine for couple of weeks with out any issues. It all started with registration issues and then to the present state.

Any help is highly appreciated.
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