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Default Unable to receive calls


I am facing a strange problem for last couple of days. First all started with failed registrations. It got resolved by itself. Now what I am facing is I can make outbound calls from my SPA 3102. But I am not getting any calls to my SPA 3102. All are going to my VM. Even I tried calling from another voxalot account. After a silience for a minute it goes directly to VM. But when this happens I looked in to the status of the SPA 3102 and it shows registered. The following is the status.
System Status
Current Time: 4/28/2007 20:53:05
Elapsed Time: 02:18:58
RTP Packets Sent: 59488
RTP Bytes Sent: 1188832
RTP Packets Recv: 59515
RTP Bytes Recv: 1190300
SIP Messages Sent: 4219
SIP Messages Recv: 43
SIP Bytes Sent: 1715010
SIP Bytes Recv: 27834
External IP:

SPA 3102 is located in INDIA and I do have remote login to the box. Can any one help me in resolving this issue. I have DID's forwared to mu Voxalot account as well. calls to that is also going to VM. Any help is highly appreciated.

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