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Default No voicemail dialogue!

Howdy All,

My SPA 3000 is registered with Voxalot and I have two service providers (with DIDs) registered and active. When I have the SPA 3000 phone off-the-hook (to represent a busy state) and call (using a mobile or the PSTN) one of my DIDs registered as a provider on Voxalot, the call is sent immediately to voicemail, there is no dialogue from the voicemail system!

Whatever I say from the mobile or PSTN is recorded as a voicemail and the voicemail is sent to my specified email address (great service) but it is not very useful if callers aren't told they are being directed to a voicemail system. Can anyone guess what may be wrong? I have setup my name and the various messages.

Also, is there 1) any more documentation with regards to the voicemail system, for example, the difference between unavailable (phone rings out), a busy (phone engaged?) and temporary (divert immediately?) messages and what use are the different mail boxes? and 2) an indication of how to divert a SPA3K PSTN to voice mail?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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