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Hmm, well it's 75% working.

My ATA "Line1" is registered with my Voxalot premium account.
My ATA "PSTN" line is registered with a Voxbasic account.

Busy/unanswered incoming PSTN calls are forwarded (by my ATA) using the Voxbasic account - to my VoxPremium number.

I've got a call rule set (as per your suggestion) on my VoxPremium account to catch calls from the VoxBasic CLID and fwd direct to VM - that IS working for inbound PSTN calls.

Incoming calls direct to my VoxPremium SIP URI are also ringing the handsets, and fwding to VM correctly (I do need to check what happens if both fwd/answers timers are the same - the ATA delay is 25 decs, the VoxPremium VM delay is 20 secs)

Whats NOT working is the rule for "everything else" to ring my VoxPremium account ("Your Voxalot Account")

Example : I have a VSP who provides me with a PSTN DID, which connects to the VSP, which is registered via my VoxPremium account, so connects back to my ATA and my handsets ring.

However, after 20/25 secs, the call drops.

Is this because incoming net calls (which reach the ATA) are trying to be forwarded (by the ATA) at 20 secs, to my own VoxPremium number, causing a call/routing loop and failing?

FYI as mentioned, my VoxPremium and VoxBasic accounts are 1 digit different, i.e. 123456 and 123457

So (bear with me again) :

a) I've edited the call rule to check for my VoxBasic CLID (which is handling PSTN calls) to just check for numbers beginning 12345
b) I think the VSP passing the originating CLID stops that rule working, so it's hitting rule 2 (all calls/providers), and passing them to my VoxPremium account

So - either one of these two things is happening :

c) The ATA rings - waits 25 seconds and tries to fwd to my VoxPremium number (which it's already connected by) - call drops.
d) Even though my VSP is connecting to me VIA my VoxPremium number, the 20 sec VM delay isn't cutting in for some reason - but in that case, I'd expect a permanent ring - so I'm looking at (c)...

I have one idea - would this work :

If I used the ATA and VoxPremium call fwd rules to fwd my calls to the VoxBasic account, which IS registered (as the PSTN line) on the ATA, would MWI for that still work, or does SPA3102 MWI only work on the Line1 account?
In any case thats still not ideal as then I don't get web access to VM as it's a basic account.

There has to be a way to do this


Need logs!

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