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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
Yeah, unfortunatelly if you do this you'll lose your MWI setting...

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
I was re-reading your first post, your call form self to self idea is not bad...

Set up two Call Forwarding rules

1. Selecting on CID _123456 (where 123456 is your VoXalot number) and it sends all these calls to VM automatically
2. Create a second rule for Any Calls to 'Ring Your Account' so that you ensure all other calls ring VoXalot then get sent to VM after xx seconds

Then set up your VM delay in voxalot to 25-30, and test a PSTN call....if all works well when calling PSTN number it'll ring for 20 sec and then go to VM directly. For calls coming in over VoXalot they'll ring for however long your VM delay is then go to Vm as usual
I *think* I'm following, however, I've made a slight mod

a) I've left my ATA to forward to my Voxalot number (that it's registered with)
b) My ATA PSTN gateway is registered using my Voxalot number +1 (i.e. primary FX0 = 12345 and my PSTN FXS is 12346)
c) I've changed the _12345 rule you suggested to _12346 and it's working for PSTN.

I'll try inbound from SIP in a second
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