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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
Oh, ok....I assumed you had at least 5 Sip registrations, forgot the fact that you could have VoXLite
Yes indeed - I (so far) only need 1 VSP.

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
does this mean the forwarding on your ATA applies to incoming PSTN calls as well as incoming VoIP calls.....
Technically, ANYTHING ringing on the ATA will get fwd'd after the delay - however, because my ATA is registered with Voxalot, if it fwd's to itself, so, to not keep them waiting, I lower the VM delay, so they only get 20secs + 5 secs VM delay - then drop to VM.

This is fine for PSTN or VSP calls, but if someone rang me from Voxalot, then I only get 5 secs to answer the call.

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
If that's the case, there is one more possibility:

Get a VoXBasic acct. that's not registered anywhere and dedicated solely to VoiceMail, and have the ata forward to this adresses' SIP URI

Hence all calls PSTN or VoIP will end up in that MailBox...then simply disable VM for your premium acct altogether....
I'd almost arrived at this conclusion also - but have another following two questions :

1) I agree I can fwd all calls to a secondary Vox basic account - but if my ATA is regged to my premium one, and I dial *500 - it's going to connect to my premium VM account.

Could I solve this by setting up the 2nd VoxBasic account as a "provider", and directing *500 to "it"?

2) My MWI setting on my ATA is set to use my premium account (which is also the one the ATA registers to)

If I change VM to another account, but leave my ATA subbed to the premium one, will I lose my MWI functionality?

Agh, I'm going to have to diagram this for myself, it's getting amusing...
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