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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
This is what I would think would be ideal:

-Get a VoIP account with a third party (FWD, MySipSwitch, Gizmo OR anything else you can think of that's simple/open and reliable to deliver SIP)
-Register this in your VoXalot acct setting SIP register to Yes
-Use the forwarding rules to ensure all calls coming to that provider are sent to VM automatically
-Now have your SPA send PSTN callers to the third party destination after 20sec, which in turn will land them in your VoXalot VM right away

Because you are now using Call Forward rules to send PSTN callers to VM, you can raise your VM answer time for regular calls coming over VoXalot or any other of the registered providers

Now, whether that helps or not, remains to be tested
I may be misreading this, but the PSTN delay to VM (from the ATA) is 20 secs, and because I use Voxalot VM, there is another (currently set to 5) second delay before Vox VM picks up.

In your example, am I still using the ATA to register with Voxalot? (which I am now)

The problem is the ATA sends "any" calls to VM after a given delay (20 seconds), HOWEVER, if it fwds to Voxalot VM there is another (secondary) delay - even if I'm already using the Vox account (it's receiving a call as Line1 on the ATA - so should be engaged and therefore not delay?)

Is there a way to fwd to a Voxalot VM mailbox as a SIP address directly? That would provide a different number to call, but still keep the call on the same provider, and allow my MWI to work nicely
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