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Default Call connection, voicemail and amusing routing :)

Hi all

Ok - here's a good question for you - bear with me

I have an SPA3102, linked to my PSTN/POTS landline.
The majority (>=95%) of my inbound calls come in over PSTN.
All outbound calls go out via Voxalot - and then to my VSP or the net accordingly.

Given that I wanted one location for Voicemail, I set my SPA3102 to forward calls on busy or no answer to my Voxalot number - which won't answer, so duly goes to Voicemail - which is what I want

FYI - the SPA3102 forwards calls after 20 secs, and Voxalot Voicemail delay is set to 5 seconds, so POTS callers only have to wait 25 secs before getting to leave a message.

However, if someone calls me on my Voxalot SIP URI, and I don't grab it in 5 seconds, it will go to Voicemail, which is annoying.

Therefore - can I setup a call connection rule to detect my SPA3102 (which is registering with Voxalot on my primary account) calling Voxalot?

i.e. ONLY forward calls from myself (i.e. the SPA3102) to Voicemail and let other calls ring?

If so - would there then be anyway to forward "those" calls back to Voicemail if they don't get picked up?

(I'm after utopia here)

EDIT : I could obviously set the connection rules to forward calls "from myself to myself" only during work hours for example, but would rather it be on permanently...

EDIT x 2 : We still don't have visible call records yet - so I can't check the CLID to confirm the URI if I'm calling myself

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