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The issue here is that you maybe the first...or among the first... to try VoXalot out on the Android platform....

-If this was the MWI (message waiting indicator) there should be an interrupted tone just before you dial...but not during the conversation (even than this may not be applicable to a SoftPhone)

To VoXalot's benefit at least it is working fine on another SoftPhone (you note Twinkle). To add to the mystery though you report using Engin directly on the HTC phone via SipDroid doesn't show the same issue (am I correct?).

What I am trying to get to is that this could be an issue specific between VoXalot<>SipDroid ...

-One thing to test (if possible) would be to try using HTC (with SipDroid)>>VoXalot>>Another provider (not Engin)...does the problem still persist?

-Does SipDroid give you any options in terms of codecs?
-Are you attempting calls over Wifi or over 3G?

I realize this may not help much...but it is a relatively new mode of usage ...

In regards to 2, is this the case only when using the HTC ...or using another SoftPhone as well?
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