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Default Which VoXaLot services are B2BUA?

Of the various VoXaLot services, my understanding is they can be divided into two groups, which I'll call "Group 1" and "Group 2":

Group 1:
VoXaLot acts as a SIP proxy server, just handling call signalling (SIP message packets). Once the call is established, voice traffic bypasses VoXaLot, unless VoXaLot determines the need for "NAT assistance" or transcoding.

Group 2 :
VoXaLot acts as a back-to-back User Agent (B2BUA). For these services the voice traffic (media) always passes through VoXaLot.

For "Group 1" services, voice traffic can bypass VoXaLot (for generally improved latency and quality) provided that the SIP devices are correctly configured (use of STUN, etc, if behind NAT, and supporting the required codecs).

However, for "Group 2" services, no matter how you configure your SIP device(s), the voice traffic will always transit VoXaLot.

So what I want to confirm is which VoXaLot services are in which group.

This is my understanding so far:

Group 1:
-Outbound SIP calls via VoXaLot (Dial plans, speed dial, ENUM/sip-code)
-Inbound SIP calls via VoXaLot
-Call forwarding to URI

Group 2: (implemented as B2BUA)
-Web Callback
-Call forwarding to phone number via provider / dial plan

-Provider Registrations (Inbound calls from a registered provider)
(I thought it would be "Group 1", but my tests seem to show the voice traffic transiting VoXaLot, although I'm not sure if it's because of codec negotiation or not).
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