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Originally Posted by mgoebel View Post
Sorry, I hadn't understood that. This way it's a great solution. We only should be able to install it on a server and use it together to save on electricity costs.
That sounds like a great idea but:

-If a server was run, it may as well serve many people.
-In that case Asterisk is a much better option
-If you let people have callback, then why not their own registered CallBack Numbers
-Then throw in some nice forwarding rules
-Then the perks of multiple outgoing providers

And all of a sudden we find ourselves recreating VoXalot.....

Clearly a reasonably priced VoXRoam service would make some dreams come true much faster.....

That all-in-one application though, I think it just got a few more things it needs to do:

-It needs to recognize International Numbers or preferably be set up to handle some numbers but not others based on some form of dial plans
-It then needs to identify where the phone is and what is the current SIM number
-Then adjust such that all calls are forwarded to that SIM number
-It needs to check for a local access number and be able to determine whether it is cheaper to use CallBack or CallThru based on the current location
-Once it's gone through that decision process, it needs to place the call be it via CallThru or CallBack automatically

Yeah...., figuring out how to unify all those services is definitely the future, for now's a nice dream
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