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Default Feature Request: Please copy Packet8 MobileTalk

You have surely read about Packet8 MobileTalk:

Packet8 MobileTalk

I think that could be done much better: By using Voxalot and the Sipbroker break-in numbers we could have the same features, but it could be much cheaper than Packet8's $9.99 per month.

$9.99 is only a good price if you make more than 1000 callthrough minutes per month. We Voxalot / Sipbroker users could have that much cheaper if Sipbroker had a similar mobile phone application. It should have Sipbrokers break-in numbers stored and to complete the call we would use our own SIP providers that we maintain in Voxalot.

I guess MobileTalk from Packet8 works similar to the Wifimobile application (About) which sits in the background of your cell phone and only kicks in when you dial an international number. Only that Wifimobile tries to establish the call over Wifi while Packet8 establishes the call over callthrough. The callthrough numbers must be stored in the software, like it is at iSkoot.

It's a nice application. But soon somebody should launch something better where we could use our callthrough provider of choice. Something like the “Mobile Call-Through Manager” from Runningmobile (Running Mobile Shop), but better, with many different callthrough numbers stored.

Tpad and Sipbroker should have that, because they have really a lot of international callthrough numbers. Much more than Jajah Direct.

Don't you think thet the VOXCONNECT API could be used to develop something like this? I dream of an application that has callthrough numbers from all over the world stored in my cell phone and makes every call a local call.
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