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I have just received some interesting information from the good people at SipSorcery. They are very keen on winning the custom of current Voxalot users looking for an alternative. They are well aware of the fact that the Ruby dial plans Sipsorcery uses are a stumbling block for many people, myself included, used to the relative simplicity of the Voxalot dial plans.
So, they are currently hard at work to try and simplify the dial plan management in SS. This blog post(preview) details the main thrust of the work to make dial plan management simpler.
Sipsorcery are trying to do everything they can to provide a smooth transition path for Voxalot users including incorporating any suggestions they can into providing a more streamlined interface and also a migration tool that will generate a SIPSorcery dialplan based on an exported Voxalot one Looking for a Voxlaot Replacement?(preview). This migration tool is manual at the moment but should become automated sometime next week.
I'm sure that, if they are successful in their endeavours to make SS more user-friendly and easier to manage for the not-so-technically-minded among us, they will gain quite a few customers. Personally, I am particularly interested in seeing if they can duplicate the ease of use the Voxalot speed dials provide, like alphabetical listing, searchability, etc.
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