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i am a customer of BVetamax for over 2 years and no problems ever. But I remeber that a friend of mine setup a voip business, and he was very happy within 1 months he was receiving loads of account. Sadly 95% of the transactions were fraud with credit cards and paypal accounts. Basically American Credit cards were used from within the US and outside the US to purchase credit, the credit was used in hours dialing mobiles and numbers in Palestine, Middle East. and next month ne got a charge back request from the bank and the bank took the money back from him.

Actually fraudsters were able even to beat the 3D secure (Verified by Visa System) of visa and master card.

Basically he lost a lot of money and had to declare personal backrupcy

I dont think it is betamax charding, but may be fraudulent users using stolen credit cards and paypal accounts to purchase credit.

I remember that he told me that he got an order from the US with a US card when he google the Email it turn out to be a normal couple living the UK who had purchased credit using a stolen card. Not far away from where he lived.

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