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Originally Posted by docknden1 View Post
Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie for voip and recently registered my number with the sip server i had provided during my registration was in the format of after which i received a call with the pin no and subsequently validated my phone number.

Now whenever i try to call my PSTN number via a normal phone connected to ATA device which is again mapped to my voxalot user id,I encounter a message saying that the call could not be placed and there is a voicemail left on my email box.

I would be glad if anyone could help me in fixing and missing link and directing the call to be received on my normal PSTN phone number.
-First of all I hope it was (not voxlat)

-Secondly if I am write you're trying to call your number from the same ATA that's supposed to receive the call, and hence you're ending up in VM...

-Best way to test is: Call any of these access numbers from a regular phone SIPBroker - PSTN Numbers. Once you've reached the SipBroker gateway dial your number including the country code. If all goes well your ATA should ring...

Keep in mind the registration will send to VoXalot all calls made by other users that are checking against that ENum root...
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