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I understand the above comments

I think that proponents of the idea here want to compare British Telecom provision of a physical phoneline with cable suppliers' connections, but the latter includes probably a package of TV channels and broadband and maybe telephone for aggregate figures between maybe 20 and 35 a month [don't bother correcting me - no research].

Compared to revenue at that level, and notional cross-subsidies that are probably built in by the TV part being overpriced, we are being told that 5 a month might be possible on a simple phoneline with DSL only, but this is well below what the wholesale cost is claimed to be.

There needs to be some review of the way that the accountants allocate all the costs for it to be able to happen. Going back a few years, a friend who used to work in BT development told me the engineers had a lot of difficulty convincing the management that there was a business case for broadband at all, as they were paranoid about losing pstn revenues.
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