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Originally Posted by fozzie
It would be easier to help if you could describe exactly what your setup is, exactly what you are dialling and from what device, and what it is you want to be able to achieve.
I have a voxalot account, and added a VSP, voipstunt. I configured the eyeBeam to use the voxalot account. I made a dial plan that I can dial out to any phone number, as well as 500 (voic mail). But when I dial my voipstunt account from another voipstunt account, I was told it's valid. And I have a vbuzzer account with a phone number bundled to the voxalot account. When I call that phone number, I also get a messange that this number does not exist. The ISP i'm using is a cable company, and my computer connects to the modem directly.
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