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Default Update, free peer calls, Integrater SuperSIPBroker Peering, and more, Much More!

Moderator: Feel free to delete if you feel this is too commercial, however it is on topic.

We were once very involved with the Voxalot and SIPBroker communities. Unfortunately, lately we have not had much time, however we have been working diligently on our systems to make many improvements.

We now offer:
Integrated SipBroker Peering, so any working Voxalot SIPBroker code is DIRECTLY dialable. (Limited to accounts with a SuperDID)

Integrated SuperPeering which Means some of those codes that are not accessible from SIPBroker, work from our system. Some examples, Net2Phone, Broadvoice, Packet8 and more all using the same SIPBroker codes you already know! (Limited to accounts with a SuperDID)

For those with their own DID direct able to an IP address, you can now direct your own DID to us in e.164 format and we will deliver that DID to your SuperNetTel account, just $1.00 per month. This will make your DID a Full SuperDID including integrated SuperSIPBroker Peering on your account, with voice mail, as well as an OPEN SIP URI so you can direct calls via SIPBroker or any other method.

Use the above features with your SIP or h.323 device, including even a SIP URI for that older, abandoned h.323 device that makes a lousy doorstop anyway. Yes you will even get an open SIP address on your h.323 device, and SIP Peering. If you have an h.323 hardware device we want to make you a special offer, so please contact us via our web page, and indicate your needs, and device model.

We have some of the best retail rates to the Americas, and the highest quality available.

Of course all calls to SIPBroker Peering, SuperPeering , and all accounts are free

Offering to SIPBroker/Voxalot communities first:
Sign up for the Flat Rate 46 countries Plan (Residential or Business) and get a FREE SuperDID, Integrated SuperSIPBroker Peering (As described Above

We currently have the following FREE DIDs available.

1 202 Washington DC
1 206 Seattle WA
1 213 Los Angeles CA
1 310 Santa Monica CA
1 509 Spokane WA
1 510 Freemont - Newark CA
1 604 Vancouver BC
1 678 Atlanta GA
1 775 Reno NV
1 702 Las Vegas NV
1 801 Salt Lake City UT
1 805 Santa Barbara CA
1 901 Memphis TN

This offer is subject to DID availability in the areas listed above and only DIDs in inventory, as of this posting. Quantities are limited, when they are gone, they are gone.


SuperNetTel, Serving the world over the phone!

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