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[quote=kurun;9510]Andy, I have to strongly agree with you.
Why complicate things when the simpler approaches work so much more reliably, with less dropouts and minimal latency?

Having said that, it is possible to forward an incoming call to a Voxalot account out to a Betamax account using the Forwarding feature in Voxalot, as follows :

1) Set up a Forwarding Rule in Voxalot
2) Select Forward Inbound Call to - "Phone Number"
3) Enter Betamax_ID in Forwarding Number field
4) Select Betamax_Provider in Provider dropdown field


To use this yours metodo I use Pbxes, where it has the Callthrun option and I have line signal and I can dial any number in real time without the necessity of one pre-I register in cadastre of the destination telephone, much more easy, in my opinion only thing that lacks the Voxalot to be perfect achedito that this must be implanted in a future proximo.

Therefore the system that I passed is only for burla the Jv of the Betamax for not accepting the configuration SIP, comprende where I can make linkings using my device of telephone and not to use VP in the PC is only esa the purpose
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