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Originally Posted by martin
Sorry, I edited my original post after a re-read your post. Can I confirm:

1. You are dialing sipme via VoXaLot and it is not working?
2. If you dial sipme via SIP Broker direct whether it works or not?
If I use sipbroker as a gateway with dial plan to replace ** with * this is what happens:
- software phone rings, I answer, cannot pass audio either way.

If I use voxalot simply as follows:
- software phone rings, I answer, all okay.
[dial plan details -> _320X. -> ${EXTEN:3} -> SIPME]

So I am actually using SIPME to call SIPME, but through my voxalot registered account.

Is that clear enough?


Edit: If I use *320 1777nnnnnn with voxalot, it behaves the same as when I use sipbroker.

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