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To fully grasp the power of VoXaLot, you have to think of it in a couple of different ways.

From the perspective of your ATA, VoXaLot is a VoIP provider. Your ATA registers with VoXaLot and interacts with it the same way it would with any VoIP provider. With absolutely no providers or dial plans set up on VoXaLot, you can call other VoIP users on VoXaLot, other VoIP users who are registered with ENUM, and other VoIP users on networks (providers) which allow access via Sip Broker.

From the perspective of your VoIP providers, VoXaLot is a virtual ATA. Using the information you supply in Provider entries, VoXalot registers on your behalf with your VoIP providers in order to accept incoming calls from those providers. These incoming calls are relayed to your ATA and telephone. Dial Plan entries allow you selectively make outgoing calls via the desired VoIP provider. If your VoIP provider supports SIP URI forwarding of your incoming calls, you can point those calls to (where xxxxxx is your 6-digit VoXaLot number). In this case, you may not need to have VoXaLot register with your provider (some providers do require registration to make outgoing calls).

The forwarding feature of VoXaLot is probably the least useful. It would allow you to redirect your incoming calls to a different destination (a VoIP provider which allows incoming forwarding of SIP calls, for example). You do not need to set up any forwarding entries on VoXaLot for normal operation.

The most important aspect to making VoXaLot work (especially in the beginning) is to keep everything extremely simple. Get the basics (echo and voicemail) working before adding any Provider or Dial Plan entries. Then add a single provider and get one or two dial plan entries working with it. Build it up very slowly, making sure all the previous capabilities work after attempting to add a new one.

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