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Originally Posted by luxluthor View Post
SipBroker doesn't have a problem with formatted URI (you managed to sign up successfully right?)

I managed to get registered, but when I try to create/enter an alias on the web page I get the error:

"??? must be an integer."

and I don't think anything gets saved. And yes the alias is a number, my pstn phone number. It seems the web page errors out. Maybe the "member phone must be an integer" True? or is the web page broken, spitting out error warnings? Try it, go ahead, be Bob, you'll see.

I could use e164 and then:
right? as a workaround to:
*011 pstn-number.
Ok, just for clarification it works fine with an alias from 1 to 9 digits (remember it appends a number in front based on country). However it does give the message you mention with 10 digits and up.

As for eNum, once you have a number registered, you can dial it as *013-Country Code-Number, or directly Country Code-Number (*013 is the default code, so if it doens't see a Sip Code it uses *013 by default)
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