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Default Why are there no SMoIP services?

SMoIP = 'Short Message over IP'

i have been looking for some time and have not been able to find an internet service that allows me to subscribe to a PSTN number that can recieve SMS sent from mobiles in the same way they are sent to other mobiles. i would think that there would be demand for such a service. i know that there are many services that can send SMS and than recieve replies. but none of these allows me to give out a number to which SMS's can be sent. increasingly various web services including VOIP services ask for a mobile number to send a verification code too or for other reasons. sometimes i would like to not reveal my actual cell phone and risk getting telemarketing calls, etc. or would just rather have the anominity of a seperate number to use for these purposes. i have often seen forum posts by others looking for the same thing. it seems that no one offers this. anyone know why not? is there some major complication involving the type of DID that would be needed for such a service?

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