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Originally Posted by MarkLL View Post
Hi Peters,

I also have Voxalot set up as gateway 1 and have the following in my dial plan:

I just dialed #1600 and it went to the Echo test as expected.

Try removing the comma from your plan. Also what happens if you dial 600 or *600 for echo test?

I also tried |<#1:>[*x][*x].<:@gw1>| which also worked
Hi Mark,
thanks for your suggestion. i have tried with/without comma seen to work the same where i can call voxalot internal network, ie Echo test, extensions, etc but i just can't call external (via the dial plan rules i have set in the members page in the voxalot). i though voxalot may not support getways calls to external, i have to registered it as active line 1 in order to make external calls.
For your reference, i have tested to registered on line 1, and it works ok, so i don't think is my dial plan problem as well.
Hopefully voxalot moderator can advise if voxalot support getways calls in spa 3000, if not, then i'll stop trying.
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