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One more note regarding both these routers is that you can only setup/register one SIP provider (up to 2 accounts).

This means it's best to set up with voxalot but to get the phone to ring with voip calls you'll need to setup with and register your PSTN (landline) and link your voxalot account details to the registered PSTN number.

To do this sign up at

Note that your area code (eg. 020 in the UK) needs to have the leading 0 dropped so the numbers all appear in the international number format.

Confirm you want to have a call back on this number and a confirmation code is read out to you. NOTE that his takes around 15 minutes to recieve this call.

When you're number is registered, login to e164 and go to the tab 'phonenumbers'. You'll see the telephone numbers that you registered here.

Click on the 'ENUM RECORDS' link next to the telephone number you wish to link your voip numbers to.

Click on 'Add ENUM Record'

Add your voip provider's number, making sure to use the full @ address. Most voip numbers require the Sip setting in that little drop-down menu

Click on save.

I hope this helps someone in the future as I had to search for days to get this working.

Best of luck!

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