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Originally Posted by anut View Post
I have setup a free Voxalot account with my sipdiscount host as my voip provider. I then registered a sip client with Voxalot and another sip client with sipbroker. Still, I have no success in calling my sipdiscount account using a sipbroker PSTN.

When I called a sipbroker PSTN number and dialed *031-888793, which is my real sipbroker number for the Voxalot account, the sip client registered with VoXalot kept ringing. But the sip client registered with Sipdiscount did not registered.
All that should have happened is your VoXalot should ring.... your SipDiscount acct cannot be reached from PSTN whatever you do

Unless you buy a DID number from SipDiscount
Create a forwarding rule within VoXalot using SipDiscount to place the call to yourself (the latter would require a premium VoXalot acct, and even then there is no guarantee it'll work)

Have I done anything wrong? (PS. It seems that my sipdiscount details were ignored in Voxalot.)
What do you mean ignored....if you mean that SipDiscount doesn't show as registered in VoXalot that's the way it should can use SipDiscount to make outgoing calls though (A premium VoXalot acct is required to receive incoming calls via SipDiscount)

Keep in mind that calling via SipBroker to sipdiscount will probably not work whatever you do..

See SIPBroker - Provider White Pages, searching for SipDiscount you'll note it has a red sign meaning it is not working

Why do you need to be reached in SipDiscount....wouldn't being reachable via VoXalot do the trick, while you can still make outgoing calls via SipDiscount (with single SIP client, no need to register multiples of them)

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