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Originally Posted by anut View Post
I have an account with sipdiscount. The sip URL somewhat looks like:

where xyz123 represents my alpha-digit username having at least one non-digit characters.

I have tried many options in an attempt to call myself, but without any success. The test methods I have tried are:

test #1/
I first signed up for a sipbroker account. Then, I created an sipbroker alias which looks like *0111110. I called a sipbroker PSTN and dialed *0111110#. The line was busy.

test #2/
I created an enum +882 9999 929452. Then, I called a sipbroker PSTN number and dialed *0138829999929452#. The call got cut-off before I finished dialing the whole enum number.

test #3/
I signed up for another DID number +1 253-243-2911 which can direct incoming calls to my sipdiscount URL (i.e. Then, created another enum based on this DID number and my sipdiscount URL. Then, I called a sipbroker PSTN and dialed *01312532432911#. The call ended up with the following error message:

"This new number cannot be connected. Please try again later."

Any workaround?

As said above with most BetaMax services, third party URI calling is next to impossible... (they don't accept URI calls that come from another network,in this case SipBroker)

If you are only using your SipDiscount Acct to make calls (you have not purchased a DID from them), then get a free VoXalot account. Register your ATA with VoXalot, and set up SipDiscount in VoXalot for outgoing calls...

This way you'll still be able to make calls via SipDiscount as you do now, but you can also receive calls via SipBroker to *010VoXNumber

For help on what to do once you set up a free VoXalot account see Main Page - Voxalot FAQ
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