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Originally Posted by richard View Post

Is there a specific change or tweak I can make to my Dad's SPA-1001 to enable re-invite. I'm not sure which of those setting that have the words "re-invite" in it I need to change.

Any help would be appreciated.

To my knowledge there are no specific settings. The trick to resolve the NAT issues.

Here are some recommended settings:

Setup your adapter for use behind a NAT router

    * Setup STUN on your adapter (NOTE: STUN settings are on the SIP tab)
          o Handle VIA received: no
          o Handle VIA rport: no
          o Insert VIA received: no
          o Insert VIA rport: no
          o Substitute VIA Addr: yes
          o Send Resp To Src Port: yes
          o STUN Enable: yes
          o STUN Test Enable: no
          o STUN Server:
                + NOTE: You can replace the above STUN server with any STUN server you like... 
          o EXT IP:
                + NOTE: Leave this setting blank, STUN will figure this out for you... 
          o EXT RTP Port Min:
                + NOTE: Normally you can leave this blank, but you can set this if you have a specific need 
          o NAT Keep Alive Intvl: 45
                + NOTE: Use an value SHORTER than the "timeout" value in your router. 
    * set "NAT Mapping Enable: yes"
Also check the "Symmetric NAT" setting on the member details page within Voxalot.

Please post support questions on the forum. Do not send PMs unless requested.
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