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Originally Posted by The King View Post
So let me get this right, is it possible for me to forward my calls to my betamax account for free?

What do I need for this, is this where I need a DID number?

Is that a sipgate DID number or a betamax DID number?

Sorry, newbie, not sure about the details of this.
I took a quick look at the Sipgate website, and saw no reference to call forwarding. Perhaps I did not look enough, but it does not seem that they support it.

There are DID providers like Voxbone, DID World Wide (, and others from whom you can get (i.e. for a fee) a DID number that you can send to so&

However, the receiving network can block such calls.
Voxalot does not block any such connections as far as I know.

IPKall supply a free US number which works with most Voip services, including the Betamax client. The call is terminated in a SIP URI ( However the number is not local to most users.

A VOIP service provider may allow forwarding of the incoming call (SIP or landline via DID) to traditional land-line numbers or to other VOIP accounts based on their stated policies and per call fees.

Voxalot is unique in that a provider (like Sipgate) can be registered in Voxalot on your behalf and you can set-up call forwarding rules to send an incoming call to either a land-line number via another provider or directly to another SIP URI account.

Right now it appears that call forwarding of Voxalot incoming calls to the Betamax client (using the forwarding feature in Voxalot) is not working.

I have not tested a Betamax account registered in an ATA or IP phone as I only use this feature when I am travelling.

Take a good look at the Voxalot forwarding tutorial. This is a very slick feature of the system.

There are many notes about these topics on these forums but you have to patiently search through them and also do some experimentation.

Particularly see ctylor's Voip Tutorial


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