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Originally Posted by martin View Post
In other words, make sure both match.

Better still, if you do not require inbounds from Callcentric set SIP Register = "No"
And even if the original poster does require inbounds from Callcentric, than "registration" still isn't needed, as Callcentric "Call Treatments" can easily handle the task of receiving inbound Callcentric calls via VoXaLot.

And to answer the OP's question, "registration" is a process that has to keep happening or the registration "expires" (stops working). And that constant "registration process" requires extra bandwidth by Voxalot to maintain (and therefore drives up VoXaLot's costs some). So avoiding "registration" (when it's not needed) helps keep VoXaLot's expenses down.

However, sometimes "registration" is the only way to work with some providers. That's why "registration" is an option that VoXaLot makes available. But in the case of Callcentric, you should be able to do everything you want WITHOUT using the (more "costly") "registration" option. Specifically:

To make outbound calls with Callcentric, just setup Callcentric as a "provider" like you previously did, but do NOT check the "registration" checkbox (on the provider). What will happen, is that everytime you make a call (through VoXaLot) using your Callcentric account, your Callcentric account info (userID and encrypted form of your password) are sent along with your call request. Callcentric then knows its "you", and allows the call to go through (therefore no "registration" needed, and therefore no wasted bandwidth when you aren't making calls).

And likewise, you shouldn't need "registration" (on your Callcentric provider) to allow inbound Callcentric calls to "ring" your VoXaLot account (and therefore ring your VoXaLot connected adapter). As mentioned in a previous message, Callcentric has VERY POWERFUL "forwarding" features that can be controlled by their web site. In particular, the "Call Treatments" feature allows (among it's other nifty "tricks") the ability to forward the call to both other phone numbers and other VoIP providers. And while Callcentric charges (per minute) for forwarding the call to a normal telco number, they will forward to internet VoIP providers "for free" (no charge to you for the "forwarding"). And I already mentioned (in my previous note) the dialing path to reach VoXaLot "for free" from Callcentric is **275*010. i.e. when you are directly using Callcentric, and you want to call someone on VoXaLot, you just put **275*010 in front of the VoXaLot number you want to reach, and Callcentric will complete that VoIP call "for free". And the same "dialing tricks" also works when using Callcentric's "Call Treatments" to "forward" the call to a "number" (in this case your own "VoXaLot number", to "ring your VoXaLot account). Just use the "free dialing pattern" that Callcentric allows for VoIP calls, and the "forward" should be free.

BTW: I know about Callcentric's web portal, as I've had my own Callcentric account for some time. And I do actually use the "Call Treatments" trick to get my inbound Callcentric calls (in my case I use **275*011 for reaching my SIP Broker alias, vs you will be using **275*010 to reach VoXaLot, but the idea is exactly the same). And when I tested this setup, the call did properly "forward" and I was NOT charged (by Callcentric) for the "forwarding" (presumably because any call to a "SIP Broker" reachable location is considered a FREE CALL by Callcentric). So this approach does work, if properly setup on the Callcentric end!

So since you can dial out (including web callback) using a Callcentric provider entry WITHOUT the "registration" option, and you can also use Callcentric's "Call Treatments" to send inbound Callcentric calls to you, than you really have no "need" to "register" your Callcentric account with VoXaLot (as you can do everything you want without using the "register" option).
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