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Originally Posted by vickrm View Post
Hi Martin, I have problems to register my Callcentric account with voxalot (my userid is 902830)
Please can you see if this is a voxalot problem or is a callcentric problem?
Why register at all (and waste the resources for the "registration")? Registration uses a lot of extra resources, so should really only be done if/when there isn't another good way to receive calls.

But in the case of Callcentric, there is an easy way to receive calls, as Callcentric fully "peers" with SIP Broker (which means that VoXaLot is also directly supported via SIP Broker dialing). So instead of "registering" to receive inbound Callcentric calls, why not just use Callcentric's "Call Treatments" to forward your call (for free) to VoXaLot?

Since Callcentric uses **275 to reach SIP Broker (a free forwarding location for Callcentric, and *010 is the SIP Broker code for VoXaLot, and your VoXaLot number is 902830, than a "Call Treatment" to forward to VoXaLot should be as simple as telling Callcentric to forward to: **275*010902830

NOTE: Since (last I checked) **275 is a free calling location for Callcentric, this forwarding (setup on your Callcentric account) should be totally free!
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