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Default forwarded calls from PBXes/MySipSwitch directly to Voxalot voicemail

Inbound forwarded calls are not coming through, they go straight to vm.
I forward my Budgetphone calls from my PBXes account to my Voxalot
(this detour I had to take after I wasn't able to receive budgetphone calls although I followed the procedure as described here
For a short while I was happy with the PBXes solution; I received my forwarded Budgetphone calls without any trouble.
But it doesn't work anymore. The inbound Budgetphone calls go straight to vm.
The same thing happens when using MySipSwitch.
My ATA only rings when Budgetphone helpdesk forwards the calls to my Voxalot account.
I changed/unchanged registration details, forwarded/unforwarded ports, make use of a stun server, nothing helps.
Budgetphone tells me there were no system changes at their side lately.
Does anyone have maybe the same experience or does anyone know of any system/protocol change at the Voxalot side?
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