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My Voxalot registered ATA is set for SIP registration expiration of 120 seconds.
I have had issues with losing registration when setting for longer intervals, even though my IP address is stable.

One way audio usually indicates that there is an NAT issue.
Since the phone is ringing for incoming calls, the Registration server is obviously able to find yor ATA, but the RTP data is not transferring correctly.

What type of internet service do you have?
Are you using a router before the ATA?
If you are using a router, it would be advisable to use a STUN server also.
Are you using one VoIP device only or multiple VoIP devices on the same network?

I have seen situations where a correctly set-up ATA will not work properly when connected to a DSL modem directly, but will work perfectly with the same provider if connected behind a router.
I have not been able to understand why, and it is my suspicion that some providers only allow specific devices to connect to their network.
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