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Hi ctaylor,

Thanks for your response.

There is certainly something weird going on. I took Provider A off register with Voxalot, registered A with Mysipswitch and asked A to call me. A reported the call went through correctly, but all they heard was music and the call then went off into the ether. Nothing my end.

I then took A off register with Mysipswitch, put A on register with Voxalot and asked A to make the call again. A said they heard music, the call went through, my phone rang but with one way audio i.e they could not hear me.

Provider A says they are sending the call correctly and the call is being received correctly. They do not provide music, they feel the music is being generated by an Asterisk source. Clearly they will not comment on what Mysipswitch or Voxalot do with the call once they they have handed it over.

All comments gratefully received.

I'm going to strip the whole system down tonight, close down Mysipswitch and put all back together in Voxalot with a single registration at 300 expiry.

Best regards

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