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Hi Kurun,

Thanks for your reply.

Both accounts are registered properly in the ATA.

Both accounts use different ports: 5060,5062

Expiry times are both set to 3600

I have tried running Voxlaot with the other account turned off, no difference.

I have moved all my principal DID providers to Mysipswitch ( Account 1 ) and all works fine. I have had to do this for testing but more importantly I need to receive calls. Voip supports my business and Voxlaot is my principal platform for this. I need these services running.

*600 and *500 work fine, it seems the Voxlaot server is not passing inbound calls to my ATA ( thinks it's busy, off line ?? ).

Could Martin or someone please have look at this from the Voxlaot end. There are several instances in my account i.e calls direct to Voicemail, which illustrate the problem.

Best regards

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