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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
I assume ataboy had you register SipGate on PBXes and then forward it to your VoXalot acct. ..... (in which case the first thing to do is to resubmit the trunk at PBXes)

Also, PBXes has a Call Monitor function that'll give you an idea on which calls are coming in, and where are they being sent...

Now, the VM you are being sent to, is it the VoXalot VM or SipGate's VM, do you also use VoipDiscount for incoming, is that also showing an issue?

And this is probably a stupid question, but is your ATA registered with VoXalot or PBXes currently?
If I am honest, I am new to voip and really trying to get my head around things. I setup my sipgate details on pbxes and believe it is forwarded to voxalot, but the message I get from my sipgate trunk on pbxes is "WARNING : this trunk is not used by any route" I'm not sure what this means. I'm also not sure what you mean by resubmit the trunk at pbxes.

When I look at the call monitor for incoming calls, nothing appears!

The VM I receive when I dial my own number is my sipgate WM. I only used voipdiscount for outgoing calls which works fine.

Finally, by ATA (PAP2) is registered with voxalot?

Any ideas as to why incoming calls are being sent straight to my sipgate voicemail? and why when I look at my sipgate cpanel it states offline whilst the pbxes status cpanel show my sipgate trunk online?

thanks in advance
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