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Default issues receiving calls from gtalk to inum getaway

Hi all,

First read: iNum - One number for the world Ľ Blog Archive Ľ iNum adds presence, IM and Google Talk about gtalk getaway with inum

I have two issues with my +883510004123456 inum number provides by adding as a contact in a gtalk account.

I have two gtalk account the first: the other (Google Apps service)

First Issue:
I have a Google Apps account when i add the inum contact never accept the invitation.

Second Issue:
In the account the contact accept the invitation, i call to the contact and i can hear the normal wait-for-answer-tone (silence beep silence beep) but my phone donít ring.

Configuration of my inum account:
I have a voxalot paid account (with a six digits voxalot-id) and i have 883510004xxxxxx inum number. The voxalot account itís registered in a RTP300NA (PAP2 with router ATA) and i use it normally to make and receive calls.
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