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here's what i noticed but remember this problem was caused only when i tried the new feature of bypassing voxalot...the setting to No of "Symmetric NAT Handling"

setting that not working
1.voxalot registered in line 1 and as @gw1
2. dial plan (xx.<:@gw1>) in "pstn line"

but if i use another account as @gw2 with the following setting
1. voxalot still registered in line 1
2. create a second gateway with differrent account and NAT mapping = yes
3. dial plan (xx.<:@gw2>) in "pstn line"
this one works

may questions now is...
the setup as i describe as the one working..did i really bypass voxalot proxying or what i did was i end up in the same scenario im avoiding and resulting to the exact same thing as if im not bypassing voxalot?
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