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Default Pennytel various tests

Originally Posted by v164 View Post
I also tried:

Atcom AT-530 -> PBXes -> VoXaLot -> Pennytel

and the results were the same (haven't tried the reverse order though).

I've now tried the reverse order:

Atcom AT-530 -> VoXaLot ( -> PBXes -> Pennytel

and the results are the same.

I've also tried:

Atcom AT-530 -> VoXaLot ( -> PBXes -> VoXaLot( 2nd account ) ( -> Pennytel

and the results are also the same (outbound audio automatically unproxied, inbound audio unproxied only after manually pushing the "Hold" button).

(This is with "Optimize Audio Path" / "Audio Bypass" set to "Yes" everywhere).

I suppose this means that is not responding (or not correctly responding) to VoXaLot's re-INVITE.

Is this behaviour allowable according to RFC 3261 (if not, we could reasonably petition Pennytel to fix it), or do we just have to live with it?

(edited: even if it's not required for RFC 3261 conformance, we could probably ask Pennytel to consider it. They seem to be keen to cooperate.)

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