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Originally Posted by mberlant View Post
It is not necessary to put the * in front of the dialed US toll free number. Since SIPBroker's default (if you don't dial a prefix) is to route the call via ENUM, calls are terminated via one of the three partners on ENUM who have registered to handle toll free calls.

Don't believe me? I just tested it by dialing into SIPBroker's Anaheim, CA, access number and dialing 1-800-555-8355-#. In a few seconds I was greeted by TellMe's welcome message.

By not dialing * first, you will not bump into Sipura/Linksys' "Use RTP Encryption" feature code (*18).
I tried this also for TELLME but I am finding that DTMF is very unreliable. I can't get it to work at all via the default ENUM providers but via SIPBROKER DTMF does work - I wont say it is completely reliable though. If you remove the *18 from the regional settings on a sipura it wont be a problem. I chose however to let my dialplan put the * in, I just dial 1800
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