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Originally Posted by ataboy View Post
emoci - to follow up, your PBXes method was a bit of a learning curve for me but I managed to get to grips with it and once I'd set it up it worked very well. Now for some heavy-duty testing and playing with dialplans!

I appreciate your help.

Do you like the Dial Plans you currently have on VoXalot?

In that case, add VoXalot as a Trunk, outgoing only (the VoX account where you have already configured dial plans), and create an outbound route using it (Dial Plan X. should suffice on PBXes)... Then just use all your VoXalot Dial plans as they are

As you may have already realized, the VoXalot account that points to the CallThru, and the VoXalot account you are using for day-to-day should not be the same

BTW, any pointers on the guide, what was hard to understand....anything that can be put in simpler terms (if you have time)

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