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Default Remote access to Voxalot

I have an SPA-3102 on which I have Voxalot registered as Line 1. The phone connected to it has full access to all Voxalot functions, which work perfectly.

I also have a PAP2 on which I have registered my Sipgate account, and have fed the FXO port into the SPA-3102 as its PSTN line, with a PSTN-VoIP gateway set up. I registered Voxalot a second time on the SPA-3102 (on one of its 4 gateways) so that I can call the Sipgate DID from the PSTN, enter a PIN and dial out using Voxalot. That also works well.

What I would really like to be able to do is to call a Sipbroker PSTN number and then dial the * code for Sipgate to be able to perform the same trick. But because Sipgate doesn't accept SIP inbounds this is an impossibility.

I have tried to do this with other VSPs, Orbtalk for instance, but for some reason it double-dials any digits I send to Voxalot. I also tried to set up a second Voxalot account and use this as an incoming PSTN line on my SPA-3102. It rings OK, answers the call and connects me to my main Voxalot account but when I attempt any of its functions (dialplan, speed dial etc.) - the call just hangs on dead air.

The objective of the exercise of course is access to Voxalot from anywhere in the world by using local Sipbroker PSTN numbers. Has anyone successfully got this working?

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